Social media and crowdfunding

How do you use social media for your crowdfunding campaign?

How can you use social media effectively for your campaign. I have written about designing a marketing campaignFacebook  how people use social media and how to make a viral video on this blog and it started me thinking about social media and crowdfunding.

Some thoughts for crowdfunding

1. The crowd is not waiting for you

However great your idea - people are not waiting for it or looking or it. You have to connect and engage with them - on their terms. Beyond the people you know well the crowd won’t use social media in the way you want them to and at the time and format you want them to. Your tweets may never be read, ; your emails go to spam; your Facebook update missed. Why ..

Because ..

2. Online social media works best when it mirrors real social networks

The people you know well will connect with you but you have to think differently to reach out beyond. Research by Crowdfunding Productions  into 300 campaigns showed that “the smaller the project, the less it depends on social media“.  Showing that for smaller campaigns rely more on personal social connections than larger.

So how you connect in the real world is very important. If you or your organisation is extrovert, well connected, respected or liked in the real world - then that will be reflected in your virtual world. Your messages will be shared because people believe in what you are doing or trust you to help you. 

and so

3. Have a social media midset for your campaign but don’t rely on it for your success

Social media is about sharing and conversation; about connecting and belonging and about having fun.

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