How to pick the best Crowdfunding model for you

You have your project ready to go live but where should you post it? Assuming you do not wish to go it alone on your own site (see my previous post) how do you choose - are all crowdfunding platforms the same? what questions should you ask? 1. Are you an individual, a non-profit, a business … Continue reading

Crowding In - crowdfunding report from NESTA

Crowding In how the UK’s Businesses, charities, government and financial systems can make the most of crowdfunding This month saw the publication of Crowding In NESTA’s report on the current situation and future possibilities of crowdfunding The report points to recent growth in crowdfunding - which raised $1.5 billion globally in 2011 and an estimated £120 million … Continue reading

Too many crowdfunding websites?

There has been a spike in website names related to crowdfunding A Reuters article by Suzanne Barlyn reports that website names related to crowdfunding have soared to 8,800 from fewer than 900 in January this year. The reason, in the US, is that the platforms are awaiting the US Securities and Exchange Commission ruling on how crowdfunding … Continue reading

Crowdfunding - a funding revolution in 2013?

Will 2013 be the year for crowdfunding in the UK? Will it become part of the funding landscape for charities and business?   This is Money thinks so making crowdfunding one of its top 5 business trends for 2013. Crowdcube has been nominated for a number of awards  including Moneyfacts Best Alternative Provider. Buzzbnk has … Continue reading

Go independent with your crowdfunding project?

Should you use a platform for your crowdfunding project - or go it alone I was asked at a recent workshop whether it was possible to run a crowdfunding project independently - without registering on a platform. The answer is - yes, of course. But you should look carefully at the pros and cons. Running … Continue reading

Crowdfunding business - CrowdCube success

What can we read into this infographic on Crowdcube first year as the first business finance crowdfunding platform? UK businesses have raised £2.3million via Crowdcube in its first year.  The Rushmore Group achieved  the first ever £1 million through crowdfunding. The platform was named as best start-up 2011 by and nominated for “Best Alternative Funding … Continue reading

Crowdfunding platforms comparison

There are so many crowdfunding platforms to place your idea - how do you choose? I have written a quick guide to UK platforms (see tab above) but the ones outside the UK are too numerous - so here are attempts by others. This long list of weblinks  on the SmarterMoney site, though not exhaustive, lists … Continue reading