thINK- a book of incendiary cartoon skepticism - the crowdfunding story so far

Think – the book 56 pages of satire-coated ammunition, waiting to be loaded and aimed at superstition, irrationality and anti-science delusions. A crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter by Polyp (Paul Fitzgerald), a friend of mine from Manchester. I’ve always though the Polyp books are perfect for crowdfunding – visual, funny, radical and he has an engaged … Continue reading

Crowdfunding films

Independent filmmaking has been one of the most popular sectors for crowdfunding   Kickstarter announced it has had $100 million pledged for films creating nearly 800 films. Film & Video statistics (April 28, 2009 — January 1, 2013) Total pledged: $102.7 million Total collected: $85.7 million Total backers: 891,979 Funded projects: 8,567 Here’s how those funds have … Continue reading

Crowding In - crowdfunding report from NESTA

Crowding In how the UK’s Businesses, charities, government and financial systems can make the most of crowdfunding This month saw the publication of Crowding In NESTA’s report on the current situation and future possibilities of crowdfunding The report points to recent growth in crowdfunding - which raised $1.5 billion globally in 2011 and an estimated £120 million … Continue reading