Too many crowdfunding websites?

There has been a spike in website names related to crowdfunding A Reuters article by Suzanne Barlyn reports that website names related to crowdfunding have soared to 8,800 from fewer than 900 in January this year. The reason, in the US, is that the platforms are awaiting the US Securities and Exchange Commission ruling on how crowdfunding … Continue reading

Bill Gates message to young people everywhere

Bill Gates address to a high school needs no additional comments A good message for young people everywhere. But is there anything applicable to crowdfunding? .. becoming a CEO is not easy neither is crowdfunding without hard work .. hard graft is necessary  - don’t leave it to others and don’t expect the donations to come … Continue reading

Visualising crowdfunding (2)

By analysing over 500 billion words the Google Books Ngram Viewer allows you to compare the history of terminology and language from approximately 5 million digitised books. The graph above shows my search for the terms “crowd” and “funding” in publications between the years 1500 and 2010. “crowdfunding” itself did not score at all. Please … Continue reading