Designing a crowdfunding marketing campaign

To run a successful campaign you need to design a marketing plan and set it in motion before going live

What’s your objective

This will be to

  • reach your target
  • gain active supporters for your campaign
  • gain followers who could be converted in active supporters or donors at a later stage

 What resources do you need - and have

This will include

  • time before, during and after the crowdfunding campaign and should not be underestimated
  • materials for promotional items e.g. flyers, badges
  • postage if you are writing to people
  • refreshments for events - try and source the venue free
  • travel and phone to meet with key supporters

 Identify your target crowd

  • Who beyond your friends and family will be interested in your campaign and seeing your venture realised?
  • What are they like? Where do they live?
  • Why will they donate to you?

Remember crowdfunding is about them and not you.

Define Your Message

  • What’s your story? What’s your USP?
  • Before you launch make sure you can deliver the pitch online and face-to-face in one sentence, 50 and 100 words.
  • Can you deliver an “elevator pitch”
  • How will the video on your platform enhance the pitch - how will the words complement the video
  • Is everyone on the team “on message”?

Identify your communication channels

Think both online and offline channels to reach your potential supporters.

These will include

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • online blogs
  • relevant newsletters and E-lists
  • print and online media
  • local and interest groups

Here are 20 advertising campaigns to get you thinking of how you can spread the word.

Find out how each channel works - its strengths and challenges and how these relate to your campaign i.e. don’t think that you just need to tweet once or twice and it will be read .

Who are the influencers in your network who connect to many people and networks? How can your supporters spread the word? What networks do you need to access and who can help you do this?

How are you doing?

Ensure you make a note of what you have done and what is working.

Tips and ideas from Marketing Donut

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