Facebook shares - lessons for crowdfunding

Thoughts on Facebook and crowdfunding with a few from Warren Buffet Facebook lost $4bn - with share price falling from $38 at flotation to $31.78 earning it a new title Fadebook. Two class action lawsuits claiming the share prospectus had “materially false and misleading statements” (Darryl Lazar) Did key large investors know more about the … Continue reading

The Pebble - where will the crowdfunding jobs be?

Closing the crowdfunding loop - the Pebble We all know, don’t we, that the Pebble a watch for iPhone and Android has broken all crowdfunding records. At the time of this post the Pebble has over 68K backers donating over $10 million for an original $100,000 goal. A quick look at the first page of … Continue reading