What are investors looking for in crowdfunding campaigns?

A new site putting promoting crowdfunding startups to investors Crowdsoucing Capital, a new initiative to support crowdfunding for startups, has just launched. The website will provide a wide range of information including interviews with crowdfunders, analysis of crowdfunding platforms, industry news and case studies. But Crowdsourcing capital is much more interesting than a website. The founder … Continue reading

Where does crowdfunding fit with a sustainable funding strategy?

Third sector organisations do well to diversify their income from a range of sources in this cold climate But where does crowdfunding fit in? Thinking about adopting a diverse funding mix can help your organisation become more financially sustainable in the long-term. The key to ensuring stability is the diversification of income streams underpinned by … Continue reading

How to measure the success of your crowdfunding campaign

Question: how do we measure the success of our crowdfunding campaign? Answer: if you reach your target and acquire the funds you need to run the project you have success  Simples! As that annoying meerkat might say. Better Answer: even if the money you raise covers the fees and the rewards you have promised and … Continue reading