Why do people donate to charities - lessons for crowdfunding?

Are they same reasons why people donate to charity?    Wouldn’t we like to know! There are numerous articles and tips on how to come up with ideas and make an effective pitch - but where is the information on the people who matter - your crowd? Here are some reasons people donate to charity … Continue reading

Why do people donate to crowdfunding projects?

We are funny with money I always ask participants at my crowdfunding training sessions what project or venture would they give £10 or £50 to make happen.  Though the money is virtual few groups give any away. what encourages them to donate  an exciting or new venture that captures their imagination something that wouldn’t normally … Continue reading

Crowdfunding - how to stand out, with a little help from the crowd

The Manchester Evening News interviews me recently It’s a long article .. so extracts here .. Imagine that you have a bright idea for a new product, film or gadget. You’re convinced it’s going to be a big hit but the banks aren’t willing to lend and you can’t get any other source of funding. … Continue reading

Helping people donate to Crowdfunding campaigns

The bulk of crowdfunding donations come family, friends and the close social networks of the campaigners How can we get this model to tip so it becomes part of the giving and funding landscape? Crowdfunding needs to reach beyond family, friends and close social and professional networks of individual campaigners. Crowdfunding needs to be familiar … Continue reading

Crowdfunding lessons from history - The Statue of Liberty

The story of the Statuettes of Liberty and the Media tycoon The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French for America’s centennial in 1876 to celebrate the French ideals of the republic; the friendship between the countries and the American democracy. France provided arms, ships, money and men to help America win independence … Continue reading

How to measure the success of your crowdfunding campaign

Question: how do we measure the success of our crowdfunding campaign? Answer: if you reach your target and acquire the funds you need to run the project you have success  Simples! As that annoying meerkat might say. Better Answer: even if the money you raise covers the fees and the rewards you have promised and … Continue reading

What is the market for crowdfunding?

What is crowdfunding worth? Will the amount of finance raised through crowdfunding increase? The US House of Representatives passed a crowd-funding bill allowing startup companies to sell equity by way of social networking and crowd-funding websites. Potential investors will be able to invest only the lesser of 10 percent of their annual income or $10,000. … Continue reading

Crowdfunding platforms comparison

There are so many crowdfunding platforms to place your idea - how do you choose? I have written a quick guide to UK platforms (see tab above) but the ones outside the UK are too numerous - so here are attempts by others. This long list of weblinks  on the SmarterMoney site, though not exhaustive, lists … Continue reading