Oculus Rift - sell out or success story or both?

The story of Occulus Rift and how it raised its money Oculus Rift as everyone knows sold to Facebook for a huge $2bn deal in March 2014. They’d already raised $2,437,429 from 9,522 on Kickstarter and $16m from a venture capitalist firm. Some of those original backers were not at all happy and were soon demanding … Continue reading

Using Facebook for crowdfunding

Using Facebook for Crowdfunding Converting likes into donations Research has shown that crowdfunding donors become aware of projects mainly through electronic word of mouth and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and specialised blogs as well as the press. For an average $10k project on Kickstarter if you have 10 FB friends - your campaign has … Continue reading

Facebook shares - lessons for crowdfunding

Thoughts on Facebook and crowdfunding with a few from Warren Buffet Facebook lost $4bn - with share price falling from $38 at flotation to $31.78 earning it a new title Fadebook. Two class action lawsuits claiming the share prospectus had “materially false and misleading statements” (Darryl Lazar) Did key large investors know more about the … Continue reading