thINK- a book of incendiary cartoon skepticism - the crowdfunding story so far

Think – the book 56 pages of satire-coated ammunition, waiting to be loaded and aimed at superstition, irrationality and anti-science delusions. A crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter by Polyp (Paul Fitzgerald), a friend of mine from Manchester. I’ve always though the Polyp books are perfect for crowdfunding – visual, funny, radical and he has an engaged … Continue reading

Designing the best crowdfunding rewards

Why give rewards? Are they worth the hassle and cost of sending them out? Of course they are ..   I wrote an earlier post on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of rewards for a £10 or $10 donation. Good rewards publicise your organisation or venture, build support or customer base - as … Continue reading

Using Random Acts of Kindness in your crowdfunding campaigns

A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual person or people The power behind such act is extremely impactful and contagious This diagram (Courtesy James Fowler, UC San Diego) illustrates how a single act of kindness can spread between individuals … Continue reading

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of crowdfunding rewards

Low cost rewards for £10 or $10 - how do your rewards measure up with the best and worse Rewards or perks are an essential part of any crowdfunding campaign. They  are essential thank yous to your supporters for their money or time build support in the future for the funded project or your organisation … Continue reading

Crowdfunding lessons from history - The Statue of Liberty

The story of the Statuettes of Liberty and the Media tycoon The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French for America’s centennial in 1876 to celebrate the French ideals of the republic; the friendship between the countries and the American democracy. France provided arms, ships, money and men to help America win independence … Continue reading

Crowdfunding perks or rewards - tips

How important are rewards or perks? What should you offer for donations? Simply -  the rewards or perks you offer are essential thankyous to your donors or investors for their support. They are devised at the beginning of the campaign and flagged prominently on your campaign home page. They should be creative, fun and related … Continue reading

Visualising crowdfunding - rewards or perks and successful fundraising

How do the number of rewards or perks relate to the success of campaigns? IndieGoGo blog entry from November 3 2011 says that 88% of campaigns which exceed their funding goal offer at least three perks. The chart below shows the number of rewards offered by successful campaigns on its platform. 70% of successful campaigns offered … Continue reading