thINK- a book of incendiary cartoon skepticism - the crowdfunding story so far

Think – the book 56 pages of satire-coated ammunition, waiting to be loaded and aimed at superstition, irrationality and anti-science delusions. A crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter by Polyp (Paul Fitzgerald), a friend of mine from Manchester. I’ve always though the Polyp books are perfect for crowdfunding – visual, funny, radical and he has an engaged … Continue reading

Social media and crowdfunding

How do you use social media for your crowdfunding campaign? How can you use social media effectively for your campaign. I have written about designing a marketing campaign, Facebook ,  how people use social media and how to make a viral video on this blog and it started me thinking about social media and crowdfunding. Some thoughts for crowdfunding 1. The … Continue reading

Creating a buzzworthy campaign

Tips for developing blog or website content are applicable to building an effective crowdfunding campaign. Michael Durwin, director of user experience at Boston Technologies, suggested seven essential steps for creating buzzworthy content  for your blog or website. It seems tio me that these steps can be easily adapted to a crowdfunding campaign. 1. Leverage Your … Continue reading