The State of crowdfunding in the UK

The crowdfunding market  “Crowdfunding has the potential to be the biggest revolution in finance of the 21st Century”. Jimmy McLoughlin, Deputy Director of Policy, Institute of Directors Crowdfunding is a growing part of the business funding landscape. In 2012 £350m was raised which grew to £2,337m in 2014 - an average growth of 410%. Average amounts raised in … Continue reading

Oculus Rift - sell out or success story or both?

The story of Occulus Rift and how it raised its money Oculus Rift as everyone knows sold to Facebook for a huge $2bn deal in March 2014. They’d already raised $2,437,429 from 9,522 on Kickstarter and $16m from a venture capitalist firm. Some of those original backers were not at all happy and were soon demanding … Continue reading

Congratulations to Crowdcube - £1.2m in 16 minutes!

Crowdcube sets world record raising £1.2 million in 16 minutes £1.2 million funded by the crowd completes £5 million funding round Did you miss this - I did. I opened the email from Luke only to find the round had closed. One poor soul-be investor tried to invest only for the request to be denied.  Crowdcube … Continue reading

What are investors looking for in crowdfunding campaigns?

A new site putting promoting crowdfunding startups to investors Crowdsoucing Capital, a new initiative to support crowdfunding for startups, has just launched. The website will provide a wide range of information including interviews with crowdfunders, analysis of crowdfunding platforms, industry news and case studies. But Crowdsourcing capital is much more interesting than a website. The founder … Continue reading

Crowding In - crowdfunding report from NESTA

Crowding In how the UK’s Businesses, charities, government and financial systems can make the most of crowdfunding This month saw the publication of Crowding In NESTA’s report on the current situation and future possibilities of crowdfunding The report points to recent growth in crowdfunding - which raised $1.5 billion globally in 2011 and an estimated £120 million … Continue reading

Crowdfunding for Equity - list of sites

Crowdfunding for equity in Europe If you are an entrepreneur or a small business seeking finance then crowdfunding could be a way of raising money from small investors. Here is a list of platforms which host campaigns open to businesses from the UK. In addition to the challenges to any crowdfunding campaign there are additional … Continue reading

Crowdfunding - how to stand out, with a little help from the crowd

The Manchester Evening News interviews me recently It’s a long article .. so extracts here .. Imagine that you have a bright idea for a new product, film or gadget. You’re convinced it’s going to be a big hit but the banks aren’t willing to lend and you can’t get any other source of funding. … Continue reading

Facebook shares - lessons for crowdfunding

Thoughts on Facebook and crowdfunding with a few from Warren Buffet Facebook lost $4bn - with share price falling from $38 at flotation to $31.78 earning it a new title Fadebook. Two class action lawsuits claiming the share prospectus had “materially false and misleading statements” (Darryl Lazar) Did key large investors know more about the … Continue reading

Crowdfunding and Angels - a marriage made in heaven?

“I see crowdfunding as complementary to angel investing, with the caveat that I have no idea how this will play out,” Federman Todd Federman, executive director with the North Coast Angel Fund in Cleveland Angels have been one of the main routes to start-up finance.  Angel funding offers not only large amounts of finance in … Continue reading

Crowdfunding business - CrowdCube success

What can we read into this infographic on Crowdcube first year as the first business finance crowdfunding platform? UK businesses have raised £2.3million via Crowdcube in its first year.  The Rushmore Group achieved  the first ever £1 million through crowdfunding. The platform was named as best start-up 2011 by and nominated for “Best Alternative Funding … Continue reading