Telling your story - briefly

What’s the essence of your story?

Brevity is a virtue

You often don’t have long to convince someone your story is worth reading or listening to. Can you convey your message in just 6 words?

Whether or not Ernest Hemingway won a bet by telling this emotive story in just 6 words - there’s no waffle, it makes you think and it creates an emotional tug.

For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.

(Read about the Hemingway story on Snopes)

Other authors were challenged by the Guardian to write a story in 6 words and the results are published here. Here are some of my favourites.

They awaited sunrise. It never came.
AS Byatt

Megan’s baby: John’s surname, Jim’s eyes.
Simon Armitage

“Mind what gap?” … … …
Hilary Mantel

If you need more inspiration try the Six Word Stories site.

Can you sum up your campaign in 6 words?

With wit and emotion?



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