5 tips for your crowdfunding video

Crowdfunding videos


You are making an advert not a documentary

A trailer not the feature film

 A good video brings your pitch alive. Your chance of success with a good video increases from 30% without a video to 50% with one. Potential donors and investors are drawn to images. So make sure the still under the play button is enticing as well,

#1 Make it short and sweet

Get your idea across in 30 seconds so if they don’t watch to the end they have your message. The whole video should ideally be no longer than 1-2 minutes. The long story, personal history, anecdotes can be given in updates.

The Albatros Bookmark is only 57 seconds long. At 30 secs you knew what it did. $44k of a $3k total. Short and sweet production too as the bookmarks were on sale soon after the campaign ended.

#2 Show a prototype

If you are producing a product then show it. Make it easy to understand and don;t use jargon.

If you are developing a service then you can still prototype through a cartoon.

You can have extra pictures elsewhere

Yolkr - showed the prototype but too long - did we need the last minute? But then it raised £32k of a £15k target.

#3 Show the person or people behind the project

Face-to-face talking passionately about why it is important, how it will work and what it does.

People buy into why you are do something and not what you do.

Concentrate on benefits not features.

Here is Paul from the Gig Buddies.

#4 Have a story

Combine visual with the spoken word. But it must make sense. Have a  clear linear, logical line - why it is important, how it will happen, what and where.

The Infinity Project has the book as the key feature is a simple black and white story.

#5 Have a light touch

Make people smile and they are with you.

Even with a worthy and serious cause.

Even if its long - if its funny you’ll watch it like City Hub which raised £10k.


The 6th Tip

Don’t know how to make a film - then find someone who does. Ask the local school or college. Ask your friends who have creative children. Ask anyone who films regularly for YouTube.


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