Too many crowdfunding websites?

There has been a spike in website names related to crowdfunding

A Reuters article by Suzanne Barlyn reports that website names related to crowdfunding have soared to 8,800 from fewer than 900 in January this year. The reason, in the US, is that the platforms are awaiting the US Securities and Exchange Commission ruling on how crowdfunding for equity can proceed. The North American Securities Administrators Association warns that some of the sites may not be credible and entrepreneurs and investors should do their research before engaging with a platform. 

The rules are not in place in the US though crowdfunding for equity is possible in the UK. See SeedRS, CrowdCube, Bank to the Future and Crowd Mission.


Come to the Manchester seminar 22 January 

to find out more  about how it works in the UK


But let’s get back to the names - which is more fun!

A proliferation of similar names may cause confusion - but does it also point to a lack of imagination?

How many have crowd and/or funding in their name?

In the UK we have Crowdcube and Crowd Mission (above), CoFund Me, me @CrowdfundUK, Crowdfunder (but they’ve just merged with PeopleFund.It who’d already absorbed the arts platform WeDidThis), PeopleFund.itPlease Fund UsCrowdfundSW1 and WeFund

But then we have Bloom VC, Buzzbnk, Civilised Money, Space Hive, Sponsorcraft and Unbound.

Scores on the doors are 8 with crowd OR Fund in title and 2 of those with both crowd AND fund. But then we have 6 who have chosen the Road Less Travelled .


But a big hand for FundaGeek - the US site which has one of the best names and logo!

(though the strap line has crowd and fund in it …)



Come to the Manchester seminar 22 January 

to find out more  about how it works in the UK


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