Crowdfunding a difficult topic - how do you go about it?

It’s not my fault! is a powerful documentary which explores the long term impact of child sexual abuse through the harrowing – but ultimately inspiring – stories of two women who found the strength to survive. By filming the two survivors – Traci and Dee – at home and at work over a period of nine months, we hope you will gain a unique insight into the impact that sexual abuse continues to have in their daily lives.

The campaign is run by the Counselling Channel with pre-production financed by the CPCAB (Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body). They are seeking £13,490 to make the film for a global audience.

A colleague, who is a counsellor, forwarded the CPCAB’s email. It certainly has the professional credibility a project like this needs.

 I asked Jacintha Powell about her campaign

 Q Why make the film?

A It’s Not My Fault is an important film because we are following two survivors of childhood sexual abuse to understand better the TRUE impact that it has on a person’s life - but also demonstrate that recovery is possible.

Q Why should people back it?

A Please back It’s Not My fault so that we can challenge the shame that surrounds this taboo subject and help other survivors to unlock their own voices and find recovery.

Q Why are you crowdfunding?

A We decided to crowdfund the film because we wanted to keep full ownership of the rights so that we could distribute it far and beyond to where it is really needed.

Q How are you running your campaign?

A The campaign is running for 35 days and we have sent out the Crowdfunder page link to our main network through our sister company CPCAB and have been publicising through abuse charities, together with, It’s Not My Fault Twitter, Facebook followers.

Q Who has donated so far?

A The donations have been a mixture of people we know and do not know - maybe 50/50.


So what can they do to encourage donations

  • They are tweeting 4 times a day and the tweets are retweeted. They could use the #crowdfunding and #childabuse to reach a wider audience.
  • Are they connecting with other independent film makers - are the people who will get a contract if the film made involved?
  • Emailing people is fine but personal contact better.
  • The campaign is not highlighted on the CPCAB and Counselling Channel front pages

The biggest tip of all - actively fundraise!

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