Closing the loop - platforms to buy crowdfunded products

If you miss the weirdly compulsive Innovations Catalogue 

then Crowdhut,  or Tiny Lightbulbs could be for you!


an online marketplace for crowdfunded products, launched this week. The platform opened with over 100 products from 50 sellers.

One of the things we learned over the last three months, since we started this venture, was that there is a much bigger need [to help] those entrepreneurs that are funded, but prior to actually having the product being sold,” cofounder and CTO David Borish explained The platform’s aim is to help individuals “sell crowdfunded products or give them an additional means of distribution,” cofounder and CEO Philip Reicherz.

$362 Jellyfish Art Desktop tank kit crowdfunded $162,917 in 2011.

Crowdhut are keen to hear from entrepreneurs who have successfully crowdfunded or crowdsourced a product that is currently in production OR is already being sold. CrowdHut charges 30% on successful sales.




Chocwasabi Chocolate covered wasabi peas in 50 or 30 oz packages for $4.49 crowdfunded for $5,209 in 2012.

Each product page gives the date of the crowdfunding campaign, platform and amount raised. It is not surprising that all the products I looked at were from the USA and crowdfunded on KickStarter. That’s where most of the entrepreneurial crowdfunding has taken place. Products shipped to USA and Canada only. is the first marketplace for successfully crowdfunded projects. It’s a place to discover crowdfunded projects currently available for purchase.  It features projects from websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and even independently crowdfunded projects.

Products can be shipped worldwide.




Moustache tieclipThe Moustache Tieclip (raised $3,439 on Kickstarter) for the moustache aficionado. This original tie clip is forged from solid brass and will get you noticed. The tie bars run 1.75 inches wide to perfectly complement slim ties.






Tiny Lightbulbs 

is a e-commerce site for products financed by crowdfunding or other independent means. However unlike Crowdhut Tiny doesn’t always give information on how the funding was achieved which is a shame. Sellers can be from anywhere in the world and they ship outside of the USA and Canada.

On the other hand they are closing the loop by using a portion of monthly revenue to back projects on sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, RocketHub, and Fundable.

Bloq - a living solution for your pet @$230

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