Crowdfunding films

Independent filmmaking has been one of the most popular sectors for crowdfunding


Kickstarter announced it has had $100 million pledged for films creating nearly 800 films.

Film & Video statistics (April 28, 2009 — January 1, 2013)

  • Total pledged: $102.7 million
  • Total collected: $85.7 million
  • Total backers: 891,979
  • Funded projects: 8,567

Here’s how those funds have been distributed:

Film Subcategory Pledged Funded Projects
Documentary $42.64 million 2,394
Narrative Film $31.74 million 2,331
Short Film $16.68 million 3,000
Webseries $6.83 million 619
Animation $4.87 million 223

16 of the films the films at this years Sundance Festival have been crowdfunded.  So far, though, the most-funded of Kickstarter films is Inequality for All, a documentary that looks at the widening income gap in the U.S., having brought in $83,000.This post has interviews with filmmakers who have used crowdfunding.

“You’re seeing a higher caliber filmmaker turn to crowdfunding, a higher caliber of product and talent,”David Branin, hosts of the Film Courage podcast

Tips for crowdfunding your film

Here’s a starter for 10 but they are no different from the tips for any successful crowdfunding project:

  1. keep the campaign short
  2. keep on asking
  3. know your crowd
  4. keep on updating and involving your crowd
  5. take the campaign seriously
  6. use social media
  7. research
  8. Keep your eye on the gaol
  9. use the best platform for your campaign
  • and - invest in other films (and campaigns)

A campaign that’s crowdfunding now

Ocean of Noise, a film about the difficulties of teenage life, is crowdfunding for £1800 on IndieGoGo. There are seasoned hands at crowdfunding an know that apart from a good pitch, quality video and interesting rewards they need to plan their campaign. For two months before they launched they built a buzz around the film building likes on their Facebook page and followers on Twitter. When they launched the had £700 immediately from family and friends. That got the campaign off the ground. They will be updating - showing their search for locations and holding an offline event to keep momentum (and raise funds in the last two weeks). 

A successful campaign 

Video blog by Magda M. Olchawska - author & an award winning filmmaker talks about her experience making Anna & Modern Day Slavery. The campaign on IndieGogo raised £14,100 of a £12,500 campaign from 91 funders.

Magda ran an active campaign - she has posted 203 updates, 144 pictures and this has generated 172 comments. Magda has over 8000 followers on twitter and the campaign page was tweeted 1938 times (the video blog post has been tweeted 175 times). The film’s Facebook page has 420 likes. The rewards were generous - inviting participation for as little a donation as $1 (10 claimed). 7 people donated $1000 to be named as an executive producer.

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  1. Useful info for shows like mine, thanks for this.

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