Why collaborate with your crowdfunding campaign?

Who should you collaborate with for your crowdfunding campaign and why would they want to do so?  People donate to projects because they know and like you; they believe in what you are doing; they want the rewards or desire through a shared passion to see the finished project happen. But if you can mobilise … Continue reading

How to measure the success of your crowdfunding campaign

Question: how do we measure the success of our crowdfunding campaign? Answer: if you reach your target and acquire the funds you need to run the project you have success  Simples! As that annoying meerkat might say. Better Answer: even if the money you raise covers the fees and the rewards you have promised and … Continue reading

What can crowdfunding campaigners learn from bootstrapping

What is bootstrapping? Bootstrapping is when an entrepreneur starts a viable business with very limited capital. Bootstrapping for crowdfunding Use all the free resources you have access to: Social media is generally free, so are blogging sites. Use Skype as much as possible. The media are always looking for content. Design a PR campaign – … Continue reading

Creating a buzzworthy campaign

Tips for developing blog or website content are applicable to building an effective crowdfunding campaign. Michael Durwin, director of user experience at Boston Technologies, suggested seven essential steps for creating buzzworthy content  for your blog or website. It seems tio me that these steps can be easily adapted to a crowdfunding campaign. 1. Leverage Your … Continue reading