What is the market for crowdfunding?

What is crowdfunding worth? Will the amount of finance raised through crowdfunding increase? The US House of Representatives passed a crowd-funding bill allowing startup companies to sell equity by way of social networking and crowd-funding websites. Potential investors will be able to invest only the lesser of 10 percent of their annual income or $10,000. … Continue reading

Crowdfunding platforms comparison

There are so many crowdfunding platforms to place your idea – how do you choose? I have written a quick guide to UK platforms (see tab above) but the ones outside the UK are too numerous – so here are attempts by others. This long list of weblinks  on the SmarterMoney site, though not exhaustive, lists … Continue reading

Visualising crowdfunding (1)

Infographics present complex data and information quickly and easily. This is a first of a series that show aspects of crowdfunding – with lessons we can learn for our own campaigns. No Small Change  shows Barack Obama’s election campaign when he “leveraged  the power of the American people through online Social Networks“. He is said to have … Continue reading