Crowdfunding a community festival – case study and tips

Friends of Cale Green Park (Stockport) are running a campaign of part of the NESTA funded CrowdMatch Project. Partners Community Development Foundation, Buzzbnk and CrowdfundUK are supporting organisations in running crowdfunding campaigns across the country. The donations they raise will be matched by a Community First Grant. The Friends of Cale Green are crowdfunding on … Continue reading

Crowdfunding success – heirloom scarves and women’s empowerment

APOCCAS – heirloom scarves, handmade virtuously  Earlier this year Alexandra du Sold had an amazing success with her project to raise funds for her new season collection of scarves by ‘pre-selling’ its pieces via attractive rewards at friends & family discount prices. The campaign on IndieGoGo raised £12,354 of its £9,000 goal in October 2013. … Continue reading

Social media and crowdfunding

How do you use social media for your crowdfunding campaign? How can you use social media effectively for your campaign. I have written about designing a marketing campaign, Facebook ,  how people use social media and how to make a viral video on this blog and it started me thinking about social media and crowdfunding. Some thoughts for crowdfunding 1. The … Continue reading

Crowdfunding Manchester – free support

Anne Strachan, CrowdfundUK, has been commissioned by Manchester City Council to deliver support to help third sector organisations and social enterprises explore crowd funding and develop campaigns that will benefit the City of Manchester.   Crowd funding is raising small amounts of money from a large number of people (the crowd) normally using a specialist … Continue reading

Telling your story – briefly

What’s the essence of your story? Brevity is a virtue You often don’t have long to convince someone your story is worth reading or listening to. Can you convey your message in just 6 words? Whether or not Ernest Hemingway won a bet by telling this emotive story in just 6 words – there’s no … Continue reading

Crowdfunding success – Chorlton Art Market Mural

Alice de Ville raised £3,982 of a £2,500 goal (159%) for her Chorlton Art Market Mural project from 68 backers.  Alice moved to Chorlton in 2006 and dreamed about doing something with the unused, neglected space in the precinct.  She never had time until she gave up work and went freelance after the birth of … Continue reading

Helen Lederer is (celebrity) crowdfunding!

Helen Lederer is crowdfunding on BloomVC Helen Lederer, the Welsh comedian, writer and actress has joined the growing list of celebrities who are crowdfunding. Crowdfunding started as a way for independent, mostly unknown artists to appeal directly to the public to fund their film, music or creative project but now a growing number of established … Continue reading

Influencing people – useful tips for crowdfunding

How do you influence people? When you are crowdfunding you have to ask, and ask again for people to donate to your campaign. It’s worth having a think about why people say yes. In 1984 Dr Robert B. Cialdini wrote a book called Influence: the psychology of persuasion.  His theory is that there are six simple universal principles to … Continue reading

Women entrepreneurs and crowdfunding

Women Outside the Box Supporting female entrepreneurs Women Outside the Box  is crowdfunding on Seedrs. They are trying to raise £60K to build a network of female entrepreneurs online who can help each other build secure futures by growing their businesses through mutual support, advice, partnering as well as promoting their products on the website. The investment … Continue reading

Making a viral video – tips from and expert

Something out of nothing Tips from Patrick Cox founder of the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign Before you read – have a look at Chris O’Dowd in MCAC’s new video!  Male Cancer Awareness Campaign – a young and innovative charity which aims to educate men and their partners the importance of early detection and hopes to build … Continue reading