Marketing your crowdfunding campaign - the 7 “P”s

Use this marketing tool for your crowdfunding campaign


How are you going to plan and run your campaign? What’s the budget? How will you monitor effective of various strategies whilst the campaign is live?


Everyone should be involved in the campaign - how will they help? Do they feel comfortable in asking for donations/investment? Who are the best people in your team to network? How can people support your campaign?



The campaign is the product and the end  result of the campaign is the product. Do either meet a need in your target audience - why should they care?


How is your campaign positioned amongst all the others on the platform - and all other platforms and charitable/investment campaigns?   Why should people give you their money? What’s its USP?


What reward tiers are you going to make? Which is the most popular tier on your chosen platform? How will you value the donor?


Which platform will you use? How ease will they see details of your campaign? How can they donate - offline as well as online?

Promotion inc permission

How will people get to hear about your campaign? Word of mouth, social media, PR stunts, articles etc

Good luck!

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