Why collaborate with your crowdfunding campaign?

Who should you collaborate with for your crowdfunding campaign

and why would they want to do so? 

People donate to projects because they know and like you; they believe in what you are doing; they want the rewards or desire through a shared passion to see the finished project happen.

But if you can mobilise your professional, as well as your personal networks, not only for donations but also, as important, for their interest in your project and their time and effort in spreading the word.

Professional contacts can help by:

  • putting the message out their social networks – telling their friends, mentioning the campaign in a meeting
  • inviting you to meetings
  • coming with their colleagues to an event you are hosting
  • introducing you to people who can help you
  • posting on Twitter, Facebook, their blog or website
  • writing articles, blog posts, updates or being interviewed

But why would they collaborate with you? Might you be a competitor? Might you be a bit player in their world? They should not see your request for support just to source donations for YOUR project, YOUR organisation or YOUR passion – there has to be something in it for them.

A professional interest in collaboration could stem from

  • you are offering a joint venture in which they are partners
  • if you succeed in crowdfunding – they might too
  • they  hope to gain in some way from the successful project (e.g. a venue would host it, artists work for it, a designer help produce it)
  • the campaign raises or promotes issues of common concern
  • your project will add to the body of knowledge in the area

Why do you wish to collaborate with your professional networks? If you only want their contacts and money then you are not engaging with their agendas. In the same way as we seek partnership in other projects – seek it in your crowdfunding campaign.

What can you do?

Well you could ask them

We all like a picture that puts us and others (but mostly others) in boxes. Thanks to Smarter Collaboration for the 9 types of collaborator. You will meet people like these (and a mix of the personas and ones that are missed) both in your team and in the people you seek to involve. Ideally your socialite needs to talk to their socialite, managed by the ring leader and bringing on board the others.

The more you think about “THEM” in your campaign – the better, as crowdfunding is not just about YOU.

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