Creating a buzzworthy campaign

Tips for developing blog or website content are applicable to building an effective crowdfunding campaign.

Michael Durwin, director of user experience at Boston Technologies, suggested seven essential steps for creating buzzworthy content  for your blog or website. It seems tio me that these steps can be easily adapted to a crowdfunding campaign.

1. Leverage Your Resources

“Leverage your resources on your staff, coworkers, customers and fans. If you can find the people in your company that love to do things like tweet, update Facebook and take pictures around the office, grab those people and deputise them. Empower them to publish more content about your brand.”

Who will work on your campaign? Find those who love to talk, to blog, to network in real or online.

 2. Assign Tasks Around Existing Interests

 “Once you’ve found the individuals within your organisation that are already participating in or are very excited about creating content, assign tasks to those people based on what they are interested in and would like to contribute”.

Ask for time and support not just money. What can they do to support the campaign that they like to do anyway? This could be shooting the promotion video, tweeting, updating Facebook or blogging.

 3. Identify Outposts

“Figure out which social sites are a fit for your company, or better yet, find individuals within your company that already use particular social sites and get their feedback on whether those sites are a fit for the business”.

Once you’ve identified how to promote your campaign – the platform updates,  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo or somewhere else — ask for their help. They can blog, post links, tell their friends.  “All of these social outlets become your outposts” . All of these people are you social connectors.

And the more social connectors you involve – the wider your overall network. Find and nurture them.

 4. Identify Ambassadors

“Sometimes the best candidates for representing a company aren’t your employees, but your biggest fans”.

Don’t just think of involving your friends – but bring in the people who will benefit from the product – and their children – and their friends!

 5. Supply Your Outposts

“Set up your blog, set up your YouTube channel, make sure your Twitter account is set up — and then start pushing content.” 

Can’t add to this. Write a lot of the material in advance and post on a regular basis to the different sites. Use different types of material – blogs images, videos, tweets, status updates or even infographics. Let the people who support you have infornmation to hand which they can share.

 6. Make Your Stuff Shareable

“Make sure you are making your content as shareable as possible — the first step is to implement social sharing buttons”.

Make it compelling. Make people WANT to share the story. Then help them do it by letting them push the right buttons.

 7. Monitor and Respond

“Monitoring your social sites and respond to user feedback. Don’t just put content up and leave. You need to go back, see what everybody’s saying about it and respond”. 

Campaigns are time consuming and hard work. But then you are asking for people’s money so they deserve your attention. Think of the campaign as building your community, or market, as well for potential finance. then its time well spent.

See Durwin’s full article here 7 Easy Steps for Creating Buzzworthy Content November 2, 2011 by Erica Swallow which originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum.

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