Crowdfunding platforms comparison

There are so many crowdfunding platforms to place your idea – how do you choose?

I have written a quick guide to UK platforms (see tab above) but the ones outside the UK are too numerous – so here are attempts by others.

This long list of weblinks  on the SmarterMoney site, though not exhaustive, lists more than most.

There is another on the crowdfunding wiki that gives detail as well as links.



StartSomeGood a US based platform for social projects has produced this visual comparison of US sites.








Thanks to Social Compare, an innovative comparisons sharing community, there are two comparison tables. Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs (Crowd Investing investment rounds for startups)  and Crowdfunding for creative, social, cultural and media projects

And one  more list. 11 innovative crowdfunding platforms for social good Posted byby  (@ChristieM) on Mashable has a list of 11 non-UK platforms for social ventures.

One Response to “Crowdfunding platforms comparison”
  1. When choosing a platform. You have to carefully consider the project. Where it will fall in and how it relates the best. Review the guidelines and fees, this is important as well.

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