Visualising crowdfunding (2)

By analysing over 500 billion words the Google Books Ngram Viewer allows you to compare the history of terminology and language from approximately 5 million digitised books.

The graph above shows my search for the terms “crowd” and “funding” in publications between the years 1500 and 2010. “crowdfunding” itself did not score at all.

Please click on the image to link through to the site.

What questions do we ask of this visualisation for it to have relevance to us?

  • which books were included and which excluded?
  • was there a geographical spread across the world?

as a historian I would be very interested in the answers to

  • why did the term “crowd” peak in 1900, 1950 and is rapidly rising again
  • why is the term “funding” dropping off after 2000 with our increasing interest in money and grants. What term has taken over?

See a TED talk here “What I learned from 5 million books“.

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